Kerry Trueman

environmental advocate / writer / consultant / sloganeer


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Environmental Advocate / Writer / Maker/ Consultant / Bricoleur/ Sloganeer. 
Contributor to Huffington PostCivil EatsMoms Clean Air ForceAlterNetGrist, et al. 
Wrote the chapter on ecological eating for The Whole Green Catalogue (Rodale 2009). 
Appeared briefly in the film No Impact Man.


Decorative Painter; Edible Landscaper; Feng Shui Consultant; Handwriting Analyst; Stuffed Animal Restorer.

Fondest dream:

To be the missing link between Martha and Jon Stewart. 


San Fernando Valley girl, survivor of semi-apocalyptic Christian Scientist childhood: earthquakes, fires, floods/mudslides, smog alerts, gas shortages, serial killers, mean girls. Never bought in to the religion, but a lifelong devotee of the Christian Science Monitor.

Sarah Lawrence graduate. Contemplated Bard but it seemed too rigorous, and Sarah Lawrence was closer to my brother’s pull-out couch in the East Village.

Now settled in West Village / Hudson Valley with husband Matthew Rosenberg, tech genius / artisanal cat food entrepreneur / renaissance man (except he can’t drive).

Current spiritual community: The Secret City 

Rueful rescuer of semi-feral calico Hester. 

Cherished mentors:

Joan Gussow, Marion Nestle, Lorna Sass.

Arbitrary / abridged list of heroes:

Frank Capra, Stephen Colbert, Laurie David, James Hansen, Jim Henson, Jane Jacobs, Bill McKibben, Jon Stewart, Elizabeth Warren, Neil Young, Rachel Carson. Also, my beloved father Richard Trueman and cherished stepmother Anna Marie, whose love and support have kept me afloat too many times to count when I have been at risk of sinking.

Essential tools / appliances:

compound miter saw, cordless drill, Japanese farmers’ knife, jigsaw, orbital sander, pressure cooker, VitaMix, sewing machine.